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Is Protein Insight free?
Please refer to

Protein Insight cannot run in my system. What's wrong?
Protein Insight use many state-of-art technologies. You have to check system requirement in here. You need latest version of DirectX.

Is Protein Insight written in C++?
Partially yes, Most of Protein Insight is written in native C++ (Not C++/CLI). some part of Protein Insight such as plug-in interface is written in C++/CLI. Old name of C++/CLI is managed C++(mc++).

Is Protein Insight really fast?
Protein Insight fully optimized vertex shader 2.0(and 3.0) and pixel shader 2.0(and 3.0) and most of code including 3D rendering is written by native C++. It's really faster than other visualization software and has hi-quality rendering at the same time. Comparison to other system is always welcome !

I don't have Visual Studio. How can I create plug-in?
Because C# compiler is included in the Protein Insight, you can create a plug-in in Protein Insight(Script input/output pane). The other way, You can also use Visual Studio Express edition(

Can Protein Insight create the only wmv format video?
Yes. Protein Insight use Windows Media Video 9 and variable bit rate format. It makes good quality video and small size file. The resolution can be over 1280x800. I tested many formats(AVI, MOV, and so on) and then I decided WMV format.

What is contact e-mail?
If you found a bug or have a good idea, please let me know. I will accept your ideas. My e-mail address is

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