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Users Manual

Installed Directory
Installed_Directory: executable file(ProteinInsight.exe) is existed in this directory
Installed_Directory\D3DResource : used internally. Don't change it.
Installed_Directory\ScriptConfig: used internally. Don't change it.
Installed_Directory\Textures : texture of Ribbon display and background
Installed_Directory\Surface : processing result of surface geometric model of protein
Installed_Directory\DownloadPDB: PDB container. If you use PDB id, ProteinInsight search this directory first.
Installed_Directory\PlugIns: Plug-in directory. Plug-in files in this directory are displayed in the Plug-in Menu.
Installed_Directory\ScriptTemp: Plug-in Temporary directory.
Installed_Directory\Workspace: default save directory of workspace

Open: Open PDB file or download PDB with PDB ID
Same as IProteinInsight.Open function
Add PDB: add PDB in current window
Same as IProteinInsight.AddPDB function
Open/Save/Save as/Close workspace: Workspace is current session of visualization. You can open/save current session to file.
Same as IProteinInsight.Open/SaveWorkspace function
Screenshot : make still image of current screen
Same as IProteinInsight.SaveImage function
Make Movie with Still Images: You can make high-quality movie with many still images. Movie format is only WMV.

Plug-ins are displayed in PlugIn Menu.
Files in the "Installed_Directory\PlugIns" are displayed in the menu.

Visualize wireframe method ( IDisplayStyle.Wireframe )
Visualize stick method ( IDisplayStyle.Stick)
Visualize space fill method ( IDisplayStyle.SpaceFill)
Visualize ball and stick method ( IDisplayStyle.BallnStick)
Visualize ribbon method ( IDisplayStyle.Ribbon)
Visualize surface method ( IDisplayStyle.Surface )
Move current VP to (0,0,0)
If it is pressed, rotation origin is center of model. If not, rotation origin is center of current VP.
If PDB has biounits, visualize all biounits.
If it is pressend, transforming of all biounits is same. If not, each biounit has each transform

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